Relieve for your Gums!

Parodont-Gel for your gums, a supporting treatment for bleeding gums and periodontitis!

Antibacterial effect
For firm gums
Reduces gum bleeding
Certified natural
Certified safe to use orally

Effectively combats the causative agents of periodontitis through the antibacterial effect of black seed oil.

Sequence of Periodontitis. Gel for your gums.

Suitable for pregnant women and children

Safe for pregnant women
Safe for children

The most important ingredient of Parodont-Gel is 100% virgin Egyptian black seed oil

Black Seed Oil

Easy to use: Apply a pea size bit and softly massage on your gum. Do not eat or drink for 2 hours. It is best applied after brushing teeth, before sleeping. Very efficient for about 40 uses.

 For your gums - Easy to apply!

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